How to Transform a Shed into the Perfect Backyard Office

  As working from home continues to become the new norm, you might be feeling like your current home office just isn’t making the cut anymore. If your office doesn’t let in much natural light, or you’re lacking the space for a dedicated work area, or you just need a change of scenery, a backyard… read more

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Indoor Versus Outdoor Extension Cords

christmas lights

Not all extension cords are created equal. As Christmas approaches, it is important to know the purpose of your extension cords. Not every cord can be used outdoors. The cord will not have protection from snow and rain. So, if you already have 10 extension cords in your garage, how do you know which extension… read more

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How Your Home Benefits From a Ceiling Fan

How Your Home Benefits From a Ceiling Fan

From hot summers to bitter cold winters, in Portland, we experience every season. Instead of blasting your air conditioner or heater, why not consider a ceiling fan? A fan can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill per year. In the summer, a ceiling fan can add a breeze to gently cool the… read more

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What Is Recessed Lighting?

recessed lighting

Recessed lighting – It is a term you may have heard before but do not know exactly what it means. Thousands of people are installing recessed lighting every year to brighten and add elegance to their homes. Recessed lighting are metal light housings that install above the ceiling line. You do not see the light… read more

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How-To Extinguish an Electrical Fire

electrical fire

You wake up in the morning and like every other day, toast a bagel in your trusted toaster. However, this day is different. This day, the appliance stimulates an electrical fire. Don’t panic! There are safe methods to put electrical fires out. Safety First If the fire quickly rose, you may not be able to… read more

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