What Is Recessed Lighting?

recessed lighting

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting – It is a term you may have heard before but do not know exactly what it means. Thousands of people are installing recessed lighting every year to brighten and add elegance to their homes.

Recessed lighting are metal light housings that install above the ceiling line. You do not see the light fixture. Instead, the glow resonates from behind the trim.

Where to Install Recessed Lighting

Home Movie Theaters

Home movies theaters benefit from the slight glow that recessed lighting can provide, especially with a dimmable feature.

Kitchen Perimeters or Above Counters

Brighten your kitchen for better sight when cooking or serving meals.

Kitchen Islands

Lighting your kitchen island brightens the center of the room but without creating obstructions.

Shower Stalls

Watertight lights can be added to your recessed lighting for a more vibrant shower.

If you are considering installing recessed lighting, it is imperative that you use a code compliant electrician. Extensive ceiling writing is required for the project to be installed successfully. However, junction boxes allow for light-to-light connections so you only have to run one cable rather than several. Installing recessed lighting requires an expert electrician. Please do install lighting unless you have experience.

Electric Norm are code compliant electricians in Portland and Beaverton. Contact the residential electricians today to add recessed lighting to your home.

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