Phillip Norman Tussing carries on a family tradition that began more than 50 years ago with his father Norm. Today, our highly trained and qualified team of electricians is ready to quickly and expertly handle any residential electrical issue, including installations, upgrades, and repairs–even emergencies.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan is the most cost-effective way to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. A simple ceiling fan is much more energy-efficient than a central air system, and a great way to bring your heating and cooling costs down with constantly rising energy prices. The right ceiling fan can also add elegance to any room.

If you’re thinking about installing or replacing an existing ceiling fan there are a few things to consider.  The first being what type of fan would you like to have and second will it work in the space I want to place it. We’ll start with a list of common home ceiling fans you may be interested in.

Types of Ceiling Fans

  • Standard Ceiling Fans

  • Low Profile Ceiling Fans

  • Energy Star Ceiling Fans

  • Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

  • Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

  • Damp & Wet Ceiling Fans

  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Most of these are common, but if you’d like to research them more I’d recommend this great article that goes more in depth here at Nimvo.com.  Now that you’ve decided what type and hopefully size of fan you’d like it’s time to install it.

Of course if there was previously a fan installed it may be a fairly simple task to install a similar model in it’s place.  That might not always be the case depending on a few things including was the original one installed safely among other potential issues.  If you’re wanting to replace a light fixture or have one installed where there currently is no fixture it may become a bit more challenging.

We would recommend consulting with a qualified electrician prior to any ceiling fan installation at the very least.  Give us a call first and we’d be happy to answer any questions in regards to safety and if what you are thinking of doing is possible.   And of course, if you’d prefer to have us install your ceiling fan before the summer hits us here in Oregon in a few months we’d be happy to have one of  our team do it for you.

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Lighting Services

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What Type of Lighting Do You Need?

We can help with all of your lighting projects and issues.  Our goal is to, “Make your space a better place.”  If you need indoor lighting or outdoor lighting our electricians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, the  first time.  You’ll need to identify the purpose and type of lighting that is right for your situation to get the best results from your lighting choices.

There are four main types of lighting that are used in most homes: Ambient, Task, Accent and Decorative.

  • Ambient lighting:  Also commonly called general lighting is your primary source of light for a specific room. This light is the base for the lighting in your room.  Ambient light provides basic lighting functionality and improves the sense of warmth and depth in your room.

  • Task lighting:  As the name implies task lighting improves lighting in specific areas to aid in the performance of specific tasks.  This could include your desk area, drawing space cooking area or anything else you may need better focused lighting to accomplish.

  • Accent lighting:  Accent lighting helps to create the right atmosphere for you and help pull together your room.  The right accent lights can create beauty that can bring your home to life.

  • Decorative lighting:  Your fourth layer of interior illumination is decorative lighting.  This is the finishing touch that will compliment and highlight the aesthetic you want to achieve.  Decorative lighting may also be functional, but it’s primary function is to add beauty.

Once you have decided on the purpose choosing the right fixtures that meet your needs is the next decision that you will nee to make.

Common types of home lighting fixtures 

  • Recessed Lighting:  This light fixture is installed above the ceiling and has an opening that is flush with the ceiling providing a relatively narrow band of light in one direction providing an ambient light.

  • Track Lighting:  Mounted or suspended from the ceiling on a linear unit that contains several light heads, which can be positioned anywhere along the track.

  • Under-Cabinet Lighting:  As the name implies these are mounted underneath kitchen cabinets that are extremely popular for task lighting in a kitchen.

  • Floor Lamp:  A versatile and portable light source  that is available in various sizes and styles ensuring that you have an outlet close to where you plan on placing your lamp is important.

  • Table Lamp:  Another versatile light source that can also add style and task lighting having appropriate outlets for placement is essential.

  • Desk Lamp:   This task lighting makes is possible to see better whatever it is you’re attending to at your desk.  They can also add a style unique to your space and making sure there is an outlet nearby where you would like the placement of your lamp.


  • Chandelier:  With their upward facing light they will  enhance the decorative style of a room and provide ambient lighting.

  • Wall Sconces:  Versatile and surface-mounted to your wall, they can direct light in an upward or downward direction. Adding style to a room can provide both task and ambient lighting functionality.

  • Ceiling Lights: One of the most common lighting sources they are mounted directly to the ceiling using a glass or plastic shade to conceal the light bulb.  Providing ambient light in most applications.

  • Pendant Lighting:  These lights are suspended from the ceiling and provide both stylish and functional lighting.  Depending on the style and positioning of these light fixtures they can provide task or ambient light.

  • Soffit Lighting:  This architectural lighting radiates down radiating on the wall. These lights creates a unique ambient light in your room.

Now that you’ve decided on the use, positioning and type of lighting you’ll need to consider what type of lighting elements would want.  Your decision may depend on personal taste, the decor of room and of course energy efficiency.

Top five most common types of Light Bulbs

  • 1- Incandescent Bulbs

  • 2- Fluorescent Lamps

  • 3- Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

  • 4- Halogen Lamps

  • 5- Light Emitting Diode (LED)

No matter what type of lighting you decide on our electrical technicians at Electric Norm are here to provide you with “Super Service”.


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Google Nest Doorbell Smart Home

Now that you’ve decided to integrate a Google Nest system as part of your​

home you’ll need to install it.  If you need any help with this we would be

happy to assist with any installation you need.  As licensed electricians and

Google Nest Pros we can help with the most complex or simple

installation.  We are glad that you decided to upgrade your home with

the devices you have chosen.

Package Delevi

We can ensure your Nest Hello video doorbell or Nest learning thermostat work properly to help simplify your life.  Making sure that the wiring needed for these products is correct is something else we can provide.  We will do what you need to make your place a better space.


Smoke Detector

A smoke detector could prevent a major emergency in your home. However, many people overlook the residential safety device. Smoke detectors could save the life of your entire family. It is important to contact a residential electrician if your smoke detector is not working properly.

Electric Norm in Portland and Beaverton are residential electricians that can install and maintain smoke detectors in your home. Contact us today to help keep your home safe.


General Electrical Service and Emergencies

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We’re here if you have an emergency or just a general electrical issue

Electrical problems in the home are best handled by professionals who understand safety, compliance, and effective electrical design. The team at Electric Norm is ready to address all your repairs, upgrades, and installations related to wiring, outlets, switches and panels, and cabling.


Service We Provide:

  • Main Electrical Panel:  We can upgrade, repair, diagnose and replace your electrical panel to ensure your homes safety.

  • Sub Panels:  If you need  a sub panel installed, repaired or replaced to extend the wiring for multiple branch circuits to a specific area of your home we can help.

  • Surge Protection:  If you want your valuable electronics protected from an electrical surge we can install complete home surge protection.

  • Ceiling Fans:  No matter what type of ceiling fan you would like installed we can install it properly.

  • Lighting Systems:  From simple fixture replacements to whole home lighting renovations we can make your space a better place.

  • Smoke Detectors:  Ensuring proper fire safety systems are important.  We can ensure that they are all working properly.

  • Circuits/Wiring:  If you need new circuits and wiring or a diagnosis and repair of your current system our electricians can help.

  • Code Compliance:  Making sure your current home is up to Oregon state electrical code compliance is important to maintain safety.  We’ll make sure your home is up to code and get it there if it currently isn’t.

  • Generators:  If you want a generator system set up in case the power goes out we have the experience and knowledge to do the job right.

We are available 24/7 for any electrical emergency that may arise.  Electric Norm is proud to be residential electricians in Beaverton, Oregon that will fix your electrical issues properly, the first time.


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Recessed Lighting Installation

If you want to add light as well as class to your home or a particular room, recessed lighting provides an unobtrusive yet effective light source. Placed within a wall or ceiling, recessed lighting gives any space a roomy and uncluttered feel.

Electric Norm offers several options for recessed lighting installation, including lights and switches. We’ll collaborate with you on a design for any room or home.

Contact Electric Norm, your residential electricians in Portland, Oregon, to schedule an appointment to install recessed lighting in your home.

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Code Compliance

For both safety and saleability, electrical code compliance is critical. Standards change frequently and our team of expert Portland electricians maintains up-to-the-minute understanding regarding current and new code requirements.

Contact us if you are planning to sell your home, buy a home with potential compliance issues, or if you simply want to ensure your home has the safest wiring possible. Our code compliance experts will evaluate the situation and make recommendations, whether it’s as simple as installing new outlets, more of an overhaul or something in-between.

Electric Norm are experienced residential electrician in Portland, Oregon. We follow code compliance to ensure that your job is completed safely and legally.

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